N2865M Manuals

Garmin GNS-430

There are a number of manuals for the 430. These are all available as pdf files that can be downloaded from Garmin.
The most important of these manuals are

  • Garmin Optional Displays Pilot's Guide Addendum Rev. G, Jan, 2006
  • Pilot's Guide Rev. G, Apr, 2003
  • Quick Reference Guide Rev. C, Jun, 2000

Additionally, there is a simulator for the 430 which will run on a Windows PC. This may be downloaded from Garmin as well. A Mac version will be available later in 2006.

NorthStar M1 Loran

Two manuals are available for this Loran. Both are pdf files.

MX-170B Comm/Nav 2

This radio is a direct replacement for a King KX-175B. However, it is a modern, digital based unit, and as such has an extended capability. A pdf file covering its operation can be downloaded here. This file is derived from original documentation, but is not an authorized TKM, Inc document.

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