N7201N Equipment

N7201N Panel

N7201N Panel

PFD Audio Panel GPS Nav Com Nav Com 2 Transponder AutoPilot Loran Standby instruments Standby Instruments Tachometer Manifold pressure/Fuel Flow


N7201N is a 1968 V-Tail Beech Bonanza, model V35A. As for all V-tails, the FAA designator is BE35. Fuselage length is 26.5 ft and wingspan is 33.5 ft.


Continental (TCM) IO520B fuel injected, normally aspirated. It develops 285 hp. Fuel injectors are GAMI, matched for even fuel flow. All EGTs, CHTs, and a selection of other engine parameters are monitored and logged on a JPI 700 analyser.


McCauley 2 blade, constant speed, 84 inch diameter


Manfacturer Model
PFD EFIS Aspen Evolution EFD1000 Pro
Comm1/Nav1/GPS 1 Garmin GNS-430W
Comm2/Nav2 Garmin SL-30
Transponder Garmin GMX-327
Audio Panel Garmin GMA-347
Engine Analyzer JPI EDM-700
Autopilot Bendix FCS-810
Loran II-Morrow (Garmin) 618C

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