Beech Bonanza N7201N

N7201N at Sedona AZ
N7201N at Sedona

N7201N is a 1968 V-tailed Beech Bonanza (V35A). Generally considered to be the finest flying high-performance single-engine airplane, the Bonanza is the airplane of choice when speed, range and comfort are paramount.

N7201N Panel

Our Bonanza has recently undergone an avionics panel upgrade. The new panel features State-of-the-Art avionics and Flight Displays, making N7201N a Technically Advanced Airplane (TAA). The upgrade commenced on April 2nd, 2008 and its evolution is shown on this page.

The transformation was completed on May 12th, 2008. The Equipment and Manuals pages have now been updated to reflect the new panel.

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